Redefining How to Build and Deploy Virtual Network Function and Services – RIFT.ware 4.1

Our blog has been a bit quiet for a while, but it’s because we’ve been hard at work to make today possible. Today, announced that RIFT.ware 4.1, the industry’s first open source network service virtualization platform, will be generally available on February 29th. Anyone will be able to download RIFT.ware and test in their network environment. Customers and partners will also be able to purchase the commercial version of the software backed with full support and maintenance from

“NSV brings together cloud management, SDN, and NFV to accelerate and automate virtual network service deployments.” believes that network service virtualization (NSV) is a better, more all-encompassing description for the transformation to virtual networking and virtual network functions (VNFs). NSV brings together cloud management, SDN, and NFV to accelerate and automate virtual network service deployments. While much of the discussion in the industry centers on management and orchestration (MANO) and NFV as defined by ETSI, the transformation to virtual networks is bigger. Outside of highly specialized network use cases, nearly every network appliance (e.g. router, VPN, Wi-Fi gateway) will be replaced with a virtual, software-based version that can run on standard data center and cloud infrastructure. NSV better describes how virtualized network services are successfully deployed on an enterprise private or hybrid cloud and how carriers deploy NFV-enabled virtualized networks.

The RIFT.ware NSV platform addresses two fundamental needs:

  • Enterprises and service providers lack a standard way to deploy SDN/NFV.
  • VNF and cloud network function builders lack a standard platform for delivering their VNFs.

The last thing the industry needs is another set of walled gardens that limit choice, create a fragile mess of integration points, and lengthen development times of innovative, virtualized network services. RIFT.ware delivers its highly scalable MANO functionality, infrastructure optimization, and cloud abstraction capabilities as open source software. This provides that standard platform that any enterprise or carrier can use to manage and automate the deployment of virtual network services. It also provides a common management platform that VNF/cloud builders can leverage so they have a broad market they can sell to without having to modify their VNF for every NFV implementation.

The RIFT.ware commercial software builds on this foundation and adds an application management framework for VNF/cloud builders to build distributed, elastic network functions and services that can automatically scale in multiple dimensions. RIFT.ware makes it possible to deliver the experience and characteristics of a telco grade appliance on commodity-off-the-shelf and cloud infrastructure.



This just scratches the surface of RIFT.ware’s capabilities. Visit for more detailed information on the platform and download several white papers that cover different aspects. We’ll also be recording a webinar with Caroline Chappell, Practice Leader, Cloud and NFV at Heavy Reading titled, “Accelerating NFV: A Cloud Platform for VNF Development & Deployment”, on Monday, February 15th 12:00 noon EST. Details and registration are at the following link: will also be demonstrating RIFT.ware 4.1 and cloud-ready partner solutions during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 22 through 25 in Hall 7, Stand 7N73.

It’s an exciting time to be in the network industry. Network virtualization will be as disruptive to enterprise and carrier networks as server virtualization was to data centers.