Introducing, the Industry’s First Open-Source NSV/NFV Platform

View Original Article recently announced the pending launch of RIFT.ware 4.1, an open-source network services virtualization (NSV) platform that combines software-defined networking (SDN) with network functions virtualization (NFV) in a cloud-based computing environment. The industry has been lacking in an open platform explicitly dedicated to developing and deploying virtual network functions (VNFs) for quite some time — is the ideal contender for this slot that empowers companies to embrace NFV/NSV strategies and move forward into the future of efficient and reliable networking.

“As consumers of networking services evaluate their strategy for virtualized network services, they want the same openness, flexibility, and scalability enjoyed by enterprise IT and hyperscale data centers,” commented Tony Schoener, CEO of “We founded and built RIFT.ware with a singular focus on delivering a truly open platform, available to everyone, that delivers full lifecycle management, orchestration, and massive scalability to virtual network functions, applications and services.”

As a modular platform, brings unprecedented flexibility and user-friendliness to the process of on-boarding VNFs and designing network services. Developers can easily carry out virtualization and automation tasks in order to set the stage for building highly capable and scalable communications applications in the cloud. Ecosystem partnerships bring further reductions to development time and costs, making the solution that much easier to implement and adapt to businesses’ unique conditions and needs., which is fully compliant with ETSI standards, reduces the fragmentation of NFV technology, management and automation so that development and implementation is a vastly simpler undertaking. Furthermore, as an open source project there are limitless opportunities for innovation and creation of new functionalities for the platform, which in turn can drive industry-wide NSV adoption.

This will be the first official release of the platform, following an early adopter program that started late in 2015 with the predecessor RIFT.ware 4.0. RIFT.ware 4.1 will become available as a free download from the company’s website on February 29, but the startup also just announced a commercial version of the product that includes extensive support and maintenance to minimize the product’s burden on customers’ workforces.