RIFT.io Demonstrates Carrier-Grade Networking Readiness at the First ETSI NFV PLUGTEST™

RIFT.ware Achieves Proven Interoperability with Numerous VNF, NFVi and VIM Platforms in More than 50 Solution Tests

BURLINGTON, MA. Feb. 28, 2017 – RIFT.io, the leading integrator of open source technologies for carrier-grade network virtualization solutions, today announced the results of its highly successful participation in the first ever NFV Plugtest hosted by ETSI, the organization responsible for defining the specifications for the standardization of various NFV technologies (including NFV management & orchestration) that promises to redefine modern telecommunications networking.

The NFV Plugtest comprised more than 146 solution testing sessions, each three hours long, over the course of nearly two weeks. The tests were open to both commercial and open-source technologies and products across Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), Management and Orchestration (MANO), and NFV Infrastructure (NFVI), and Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) categories. More than 40 NFV implementations participated in the event, including 20 VNFs, 10 MANO and 10 NFVi/VIM platforms involving 140 technical experts on-hand.

The goal of each test was for the participants to assess their level of interoperability of their respective implementations and verify that they used the correct interpretation of the ETSI NFV specifications. The Plugtest focused on two primary scopes:

  • Interoperability: Testing interoperability among “Functions Under Test” featuring different combinations of VNFs, MANO, and NFVI & VIM.
  • NFV Release 2 Validation: Assessing industry readiness in supporting ETSI NFV Release 2 capabilities namely Network Service Descriptors (NSD), Virtualized Network Function (VNF) package & software image management, Network Service (NS) & VNF life cycle management, NS scaling,  virtual resource management, and VNF & NS fault and performance management.

In all, RIFT.io technical experts participated in 54 sessions using both RIFT.ware and OSM software.

“There is no doubt that the first NFV Plugtest was a successful and important event that will help accelerate the telco industry forward to next-gen networking deployments,” said Noel Charath, vice president of Services Delivery. “The participants achieved interoperability rates of almost 98 percent, far exceeding our expectations going into the tests, showing the commitment that the NFV industry places in carrier-driven, open networking solutions. This is a major milestone toward deploying these solutions in production environments among telco and mobile operators around the world.”

Read the RIFT.io blog on the NFV Plugtest results.

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