RIFT.ware & OSM

RIFT.ware is the first commercial distribution of Open Source MANO

RIFT.io is a founding member of and seed code contributor to Open Source MANO, an operator-led initiative to meet the requirements for orchestration of production NFV networks. RIFT.io joined the OSM community because we believe in the project’s mission of delivering an open source Management and Orchestration (MANO) stack that can consume openly available Information Models, aligned with ETSI NFV specifications.

RIFT.io’s important contribution to OSM includes the Network Service Orchestration (NSO) Layer, which is responsible for the end-to-end network service delivery and drives the coherent service delivery through the Resource Orchestration and VNF Configuration components. RIFT.io also provided the UI and system visibility layer, which provides a single view into configuring and reviewing the state of the orchestration environment, as well as detailed views of the underlying compute and network topologies the orchestration environment is managing.

We believe that the transformation to virtualized networks depends on an open source platform that simplifies orchestration of virtual network services and opens the industry to innovative, best-of-breed virtualized and cloud-delivered network solutions.

More information can be found in the ETSI portal page for OSM http://osm.etsi.org.