Enhanced Automation

RIFT.ware Life Cycle Management reduces OpEx by radically simplifying the onboarding, composition, and launching of VNFs and multi-vendor network services on multiple clouds.

Model-driven Automation
Using a standard, Common Information Model and open APIs, RIFT.ware simplifies the composition of VNF and NS Descriptor packages and Day 0/1 Configuration.

Automated Instantiation & Validation
RIFT.ware simplifies the creation of network services and policy-based VNF Forwarding Graphs (VNFFG) and automates Instantiation and validation of network services. Enhanced automation manages network service life cycle and auto-scales VNFs and infrastructure resources according to policy.

Closed Loop Policy Control
Open APIs and interfaces facilitates integration with service assurance to provide deeper visibility into service issues and SLA violations and trigger automated remedial actions.