Hyperscale Engine

Bring the benefits of cloud architecture – multi-site, massive scale, resiliency, and high-speed networking – to both orchestration and the VNFs and network services.

Elastic, Cloud-Native VNFs
Distributed Application Management Framework simplifies development of resilient, multi-VM VNFs. Multiple servers are represented as a single, elastic IP to provide VNFs with elastic I/O capacity and performance. Distributed x86 Fastpath Engine provides high performance and scale.

Scalable Orchestration for Distributed Environments
Distributed FCAPS framework, high performance data path, and hierarchical fault containment zones provide resiliency and scale. Distributed Transaction System maintains state of complex network services even across hybrid clouds and multiple data centers at massive scale.

Open, Modular Architecture
Modular platform lets you choose which libraries to include in your VNF/application and integrate with existing third-party orchestrators and SDN controllers.